Jaye Hall is widely well known in the campdrafting community as one of the most consistently winning competitors with a great team of very well bred, honest, reliable & all-round great horses. Jaye has grown up on stations her whole life & loves the land & her animals. We are honoured to have Jaye as one of our House Of Cheri riders! 

Jaye is one of the most grounded, wholesome, kind, accomplished cattle-women I have had the pleasure of meeting & becoming friends with. She is a true bush girl who loves her animals, family & living on the land. 

How to Measure

Chest: Ask the individual to stretch arms out horizontally to enable the tape to be placed around the fullest part of the chest and ensure it goes horizontally across the back of the body and across the shoulder blades. To take the measurement, ask the individual to now relax the arms at the side of the body – keep the tape horizontal and taught to take the measurement.

Waist: Measure around the narrowest part of the waist- if the individual bends from side to side this is the waist, keep the large tape horizontal and taught to take the measurement.

Hip: Ask the individual to stand with feet together, measure around the widest part of the buttocks, keep the tape horizontal and taught to take the measurement.

Length: Length from the Neck Point, to the bottom of the garment. 

PLEASE NOTE: These are the measures of the specific garment. Choose sizes accordingly depending on the style of fit you would like. 

Women's Body Measures (CM)

Men's Garment Measures (CM)