Ethics and Sustainability

House of Cheri combines quality, luxury and style to set the new standard for your wardrobe. From the beginning of the House of Cheri journey, we have been committed to using ethical and sustainable approaches to produce our range.

Where are your clothes made?

The story behind the label began with Cheri creating the vision for the brand from her isolated home in Julia Creek. With a town population of approximately eleven people and mail days only coming twice a fortnight, resources were limited under the circumstances. Nevertheless, Cheri commenced business with Australian based businesses for an offshore manufacturing approach.

Working locally and globally has ensured House of Cheri produces prestigious quality pieces. With a local team of pattern and sample makers, manufacturing is commenced in the Brisbane-owned warehouses in Shanghai. Having an amazing team that is able to produce these garments slowly ensures that all pieces are of beautiful quality and meet high standards.

The team is always discussing quality, fabrics and new fitting ideas to the millimetre to ensure our customers are wearing only the best version of our pieces.

Offshore Manufacturing Location

The Shanghai manufacturing site is proudly owned by a small Brisbane team. The team works in partnership with the Shanghai team to put an end to child and slave labour. The on-site independent and quality controllers are employed specifically to inspect that all employees are working in a safe and positive environment. They are also there to make sure individuals are being paid correctly and not working over time. As a result. garments are able to be made slower and more effectively, improving the quality of the product.

The sites are all run by small, family run businesses that help support the livelihoods of these people.

Our Contribution

To create a sustainable fashion pathway towards the slow fashion movement.

To remain proudly Australian designed.

To put an end to child and slave labour.

Always ensure our facilities use 100% ethical and sustainable measures to create the clothing.

To connect with other Australian businesses to the best of our ability.

To remain 100% Australian owned.

To keep releases exclusive with limited quantities. 

To continue to strive for ethical and environmentally sustainable systems across all aspects of the business.

To create meaningful relationships with all employees.