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Our Team Ensures

We Maintain Quality Standards for Both Garments and People.

With operations based in both Australia and Shanghai, House of Cheri can ensure every step of the production process is monitored by a wide range of industry professionals in fashion and manufacturing. Our Australian based company owns the Shanghai offices which means that all employees work in a positive and safe working environment that pays their employees for each hour that is worked.

We Know Where and How Your Garments Are Made.

Our on-site quality controllers and warehouse staff monitor the employees and their production line to ensure all garments meet their highest quality standards. The staff overlook the entire process from the beginning to end to ensure all garments are in perfect condition once arrived in Australia.

Meet Cheri

Cheri is the woman behind the entire brand. Cheri is both the designer and CEO of House of Cheri. She uses her teechnical thinking skills and creative flair to ensure you have the most stylish and luxurious clothes possible.

Cheri is the Founder, Designer and Creative Mastermind behind House of Cheri. Cheri is the visionary ruler behind all the beautiful pieces exhibited in the collections. Read more about who Cheri is here.

Meet Angela

Angela is the director and manager of the manufacturing warehouse and processes at House of Cheri. With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Angela now focuses on creating ethical manufacturing warehouses at different offshore locations to change the game in the fashion industry. As a result, she provides these processes for the House of Cheri brand.

Supporting Ethical Procedures.

By seeking an Australian based business, we are helping keep the local manufacturing industry alive. Our team is focused on putting an end to child and slave labour by opening warehouses in China to reinvent the wheel. Our staff overseas overlook the team and processes to ensure safety standards are met. As a result, we are able to help these small family run factories in Shanghai and offer opportunities and support where they need it. By not participating in fast fashion culture and paying our employees an award wage, external companies who do participate in these practices are receiving less funding. The pride we take in our employees and work shows the quality craftsmanship that goes into your pieces.

Meet Monica

Monica is a key stakeholder in our production line by creating the perfect fit for each garment designed by House of Cheri. She sketches, measures and creates the blue-prints (or patterns) for all the designs that you see in the ranges. She ensures that all fabric requirements are met as well as finalise all the pattern dimensions and garment fits to ensure all pieces fit perfectly on the body as they should.

Meet Lou

Lou is the Warehouse and Shipment manager for House of Cheri. She inspects all garments as they arrive to the warehouse to ensure you recieve the garments in perfect condition. She ships out all of the orders from Monday to Friday to get to your doorstep as soon as possible.

The Future...

House of Cheri's ongoing commitment to ethical and sustainable practices means that the company is constantly shifting and adjusting in order to create incredible, conscious fashion. Everything counts, from the fabrics chosen to the print process, the manufacturing, the shipping, the quality and the care. Every tiny shift compounds to have a greater impact. 

House of Cheri will continue to be active participants of change within the fashion industry. It’s quite simply the House of Cheri way. 

Experience it for yourself.